Make sure you read and know these rules, It is your responsibility to know and obey them


I expect my instructions to be followed exactly! I don't waste time on curious subs, if you want to serve me then do it! If not don’t waist my time! Do not Contact me if you can not afford to tribute me.


I expect Tributes first, to prove your sincerity! The best way to get My attention is to PAY for My attention, it is quite valuable! There are many ways to tribute and once you show that you can tribute online, you might be able to earn more personal ways to tribute Me. I love creative slaves and you will always strive to be My best slave. You must be willing to devote your earnings to me. You have no choice but to satisfy me. To live for me is to work for me. You will contribute to my lifestyle, and love doing so.


You will be courteous to me at all  times! Your greetings to me will be Mistress, Princess or Goddess. Any rude and obnoxious behavior will get you ignored. I am the one in control you have no control, any demanding or behavior that suggests you do not know your place will get you ignored.



If I give you a task, a project, or an assignment you will be expected to perform. When I want something done, I want it done promptly. I also want it done correctly. .No exceptions or excuses!


I expect to be entertained, not the other way around. I do NOT do “shows” or “sessions” on Cam, so don’t ask! you are the performing monkey, not Me! If and when I feel like getting on cam is at my discretion! Do not beg, ask or tell me to get on cam! What I wear is at my discretion also!



Do not apply for a financial cash cow position if you can't afford it!! Don't waste My time!!! If you take on a monthly bill. The bill needs to be paid before it is due Good intentions mean nothing if you can’t follow though and I don’t like being lied to. There are ways to stay in my good graces if you run in to financial problems as long as you’re honest. Your sacrifice for my benefit will always please, me ask about my PO Box  for sending your possessions.


If you are seeing another Domme and I find out. You will be blocked and the Domme will be notified. You will worship Me and no one else. You will devote your live to me and you will not let anything or anyone hinder you in serving me. If you are serving another domme that is taking away form what you could be giving me and will not be tolerated.


. I am your Goddess 24/7. Welcome to your NEW ADDICTION! I will be the center of your Universe. I will give you purpose to your pathetic life! you are My property! As long as you follow My rules then you will be allowed to stay in My world. If not, you will be banished, ignored and forgotten in a heartbeat! I AM PERFECTION  you are nothing. Your puny little life is nothing with out me and you need me. I do not need you. You are privileged to serve me and will never forget that. Only though full submission to me can you reach the enlightenment that you so desperately need.


I reserve the right to change the rules as I please.


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