Ugh! I'm tired, I need a break, I've been working so hard on getting this site up for you losers. I'm getting sick of the computer and I LOVE My computer, and I still have lots to go, I want to get My other kinkier wish lists up and I definitely need to get My tributes page done but I keep getting distracted with new ideas for tasks and assignments for you bitches. I'm looking forward to humiliating and degrading you and forcing you to serve My agenda. I've added a new piggy application on the pigpen page, please fill it out (and accompany it with a  tribute of course!) if you would like to be considered for my cuckold.

As for your Goddess, I am doing well (with the exception of feeling over worked). I am looking for a new bathing suit for my little sisters birthday party in march. I'm also looking to move in April but the rental market is so shitty up here I'm having trouble finding something in a good area with enough space. I hate renting someone Needs to Buy Me a House! On a sadder note My favorite vibrating strap on stopped vibrating last night :-( Right in the middle of using it!!! I sill got the job done of course, I had that little cocktail waitress screaming something in Spanish I didn't even understand. But I'm still pissed off about the broken cock, worthless fucking cock! That was my good "for fucking fine females" only cock, why couldn't My "man bitch ass breaker" strap on brake? (not that there would be anything to break unless I broke it off in your ass, you bitches don't get vibration). Oh well I guess I get to go Strap On Shopping! (see wish lists coming soon)

Well it's late I'm gonna watch some Adult Swim and get some beauty sleep. you go fill out my piggy application on My pigpen page and get your first assignment.