Well maybe I would write a blog if my god damn H key worked it is so annoying every fucking time I write a word with the letter H in it I have to go back and put in the H why the Hell haven't any of you rotten loser fucks bought Me the Flip portable video camera yet? It's on My wish list it's the Highest priority and I just updated it to the new one so as soon as one of you idiots... Hmmm maybe one of you ass holes who begs to see me on cam??? would fucking buy it I could do video blogs and then wouldn't that just help everyone involved? you losers want to see me and I want to not have to type on this rotten piece of shit laptop. So do it now! or don't ask Me for any more blogs! got it?

fucking morons what the hell is wrong with you people why do I have to spell everything out for you? take some fucking initiative why don't ya?

Why am I not getting the pics I requested? pics of your pathetic little stunts now!

~your Irate owner and Goddess on High
Quit pissing me off!