With Tax time coming here again I wanted to remind you all that it is also Angel Tax Time and I expect to be paid My dues. I know some of you will also be receiving tax refund checks. That is My money and I want at least $1000.00 out of your check deposited on to My Rushcard or your entire tax refund check, which ever is less. do NOT send Me your tax refunds via Niteflirt! I want 100% of My Taxes! Also I am looking for a sissy maid still so if you are in the Minneapolis area and would like to start serving Me drop Me a email (and yes of course you still have to tribute Me).

So I’m thinking of setting up an account with the local liquor store so that you bitches can call up and order Me liquor and alcohol to have delivered to My home. Sounds like a good idea to Me! I’m also still working on those other sexier wish lists I promised but other stuff has been getting in the way and that’s just to damn bad for you. I’m also going to be getting a P.O. box for you weenies to send me gifts to as well. So if you have something you would like to send let me know.

As for assignments I am waiting till I get a few more slaves before I get started so shut up and wait patiently I’ll do it when I want to not when you ask Me to. If you are growing impatient spread the word about my site to get more slaves for my cuckold. Consider this your assignment: post the link to this site and my name (Goddess Angel www.angelcontrolsyou.com) on every forum, every blog, every comment section or place possible. I expect you get more slave applications as a direct result of your efforts.

Now Go and Do MY Bidding!

~Goddess Angel