Dear Princess,Goddess,Mistress&Queen....&Husband...

First of all,i wish You a happy 2011,a good health,tons of money...and a lot of pleasure!

Pleasant introduction,my name is"bruno".
i am a submissive&masochistic boy/men by nature feelings&character!

i have read Your profile&journals below,on the D/s site"Collarme"
To be honest,i read Your profile perhaps 50x...this to be sure!

i read in Your profile,that You live to humiliate,degrade,torture,financially enslave,cuckholding,foot worship,blackmail,sissyfication,cock&ball torture,....and pimp out slaves!!!

i read also Your interests in Your profile!

And i read also ALL Your journals below,so i know...that You are married!!! And i know also,that You can use tons of money!!!


Perhaps,i can help You with ALL Your dreams that You have mentioned in Your profile&journals.....
Perhaps not....

So as i have written before in this letter:i am a submissive&masochistic boy/men by nature feelings!i am born like that! i can't Dominate,i am neither a switch!
i am full-fully submissive to the bone!
Rather a slave then a sub!
i am even a sub,in daily social contacts....
If someone ask me 1000 dollars,and i have 1000 dollars.....then i will give that 1000 dollars away!!! So,thats me!! i am helpfull all the time!!! Or at least,i trying to!!!

For the reason,that i am permanently submissive&masochistic by nature feelings&character........

i am looking,for a Natural,Sadistic,Sarcastic,Perverted&Dominant Mistress or Couple(Mistress&Master).....
as a permanent 24/7/365 tpe live-in sissy-slavegirl,slut,whore&earning object!

i don't know,if You have any interest in OWNING a permanent sissy-slave&whore,under Your wings?

i am NOT looking for Your money,in fact:i will help You with money-aspects!!!!
i am NOT looking for sexual interactions with You!!!!
i am NOT looking for love,friendship or a romance!
i am NOT looking for luxury!!!

i am looking for a permanent 24/7/365 D/s relationship,with a Mistress or Couple!

To what i am open?What does i have to offer?Or at least,what does i will to offer?

*(1) i am NOT looking for a 1 hour-session or short term relationship,but i am looking for a long term (or prefere-able LIFELONG TERM relationship)...based on strictly BDSM!-24/24-7/7-365/365...(No free days!No love!No compasion!)
*(2)You can use me to perform ALL domestic householdchores,from the little a till the big Z! ALL?Yes ALL!Such as:
-You can use me to prepare Your daily breakfasts,coffee,tea,freshly squeezed juices,hot choclate,baked/cooked eggs..
-Different cleaning tasks...
-Doing dishes
-Run Your bathwater
-Cooking&serving Your dinners(and for guests!)
-Clean the garden
-Clean the car
-i will take care of Your bags while shopping&hopping...
-Running errands...
-And many,many more...
*(3)Beside the point Domestic slavery,i am available also as a workslave!Work-slavery!
-You can send me out for a job in Your area/neighborhood,this to earn money for You!
i am open to do the job,that You order to me!Such as:
-You can send me out work in a gaybar,or toiletcleaner,etc...
-When You are self-employds,i am open to work for Your business!!!
-Perhaps,You have friends/relatives where i can work?
-As a 24/7/365 slave,i will earn money for my Dominant Owners!!!
Each Dollar,that i will earn as a workslave(see*3),that dollar will belongs to You!!!
If i will earn 3026,25 $ at month,then i will give that Full amount=3026,25$ to You!!!
-Each dollar,that i will find on the street>that dollar will become Yours!
-i am open,to give You 100% proxies about my finances!Not 99%,but 100%!
-In short words:You can buy new clothes for Yourself from my money!You can buy Yourself a new car from my money!You can buy Yourself a house from my money!
An income extra!
*(5)Luxury&Luxury aspects! i don't asking any form of luxury!
-i don't asking a nice&beautiful bedroom to sleep in....because You can lock me in a cell,cage,bench,basement...
-i don't asking to wear new/expensive clothes,because You can give me 2/3/4 hands clothes to wear,or even clothes that You not bearing anymore!(recycled)
-i don't asking coca-cola or coffee to drink,because You can give me pee to drink!
-i don't asking lobster or steak to eat,because You can feed me with leftovers from Your dinner-table...or pervert&discusting food!
-i don't asking a warm/hot shower to wash myself,because You can use the garden hose on me,or i will take a bath in Your used bathwater!
-i don't asking new razors to shave myself,because You can give me the razors that You have used before!
-You can refuse me phone/internet/television/radio access!
- So i don't ask any monetary investements or any form of luxury!
(i am open to survive on recycled food,clothes&materials!)
*(6) You can dress&humiliate me in clothes that You order me to wear!
-You can dress me as a regular slave,but also as a sissy-slavegirl!You can dress me as a sissy in private....but also in public!!!!
-You can dress&humiliate me as a sissy...even 24/7/365...Lifelong term!
Such as:Female:underwear,bra,panty's,skirts,dress,high-heels,women-shoes,woman-pants,lingerie,latex,rubber,plastic,woman-jackets,charretelles,pink-clothes,etc...
You can send me on the street as a sissy!Or send me in the mountains on high-heels!
-You can refuse me to wear men-clothes ever!
-You can burn my men-clothes,with the result,that i will have no other choice then wearing the clothes that You order me to wear!
*(7)Sex-slavery! i am NOT looking for any sexual interactions between You&me!
-You can use &abuse me for Your sexual pleasures!But NEVER mine!
-You can use me as a cuckoldslave,to clean You up after...
-You can rent/hire/PIMP me out to a gay-whore,sissy-whore,parking-whore,gang-bang slut,escorte sissywhore,as a sissy in a brothel,etc....
-You can use me as an erotic model for foto-shoots&movies!
-i will NEVER ask,for any monetary compensations!!!!!
my salary will be=recycled food,clothes,etc....
-You can punish me in the way that You prefer!
i accept soft,Harsh,Extreme&Perverted punishments!
-When a domestic task is failed>You can punish me!
-When my Boss complains about my job>You can punish me!
-When a client is disappointed about my sexual services>You can punish me!
-You can use a ZERO tolerance on me!!!
-When i will ask for mercy,then You can refuse my request!When i ask to Stop,You can give mercy!(But Never Stop!) i will accept the most worriest punishments!
i am open to explore different boundaries with in a 24/7/365 D/s relationship!(The base on trust?)
-You can punish me till domestic tasks will be ok,till my Boss is happy,till clients are happy about my sexual services,etc...
-You can use me as a toilet-slave& long as it is 100%safe for my health!
-i am open to drink pee,cum,menstrual periods,snot,,sperm,cum;pubic, long as You can GUARANTEE that it is 100% safe for my health!!!!!
*(10)As i have mentioned before:i am NOT looking for sexual pleasure or any sexual interaction!You can lock my cock&balls permanently in a chastity belt!
*(11) In conbination with partition(10),i am available for Body&Gender modification!
-When i become Your 24/7/365 slave for LIFELONG TERM>You can change my gender& the way as You see fit!
If You like to castrate me,then i will accept!
If You like to enlarge my breasts,then i will accept!
If You like to transform me from male to transsexual,then i will accept!!!
You can release my cock&balls,till i only have a pee-hole to pee&to get fucked!
i am open to live as an it!Genderless!
*(12)You can handlle me on a Sadistic&Sarcastic manner,such as:
-You can give me a matress&sheets from rockwool/glaswool(nice warm,but scratchy!)
-You can order me to wear female boots with a lock(so i can not release the female boots)
-You can order me to wear a mini-skirt in winter while i am bottomless(balls can freeze)
-You can order me to wear plastic&latex in summer,so i will sweat as an animal!
-You can order me to wear a great butt-plugg in my ass!
-While transport>You can bound me!Or You can lock me in the trunk of Your car!
-You can put me in a cage for pro long periods,isolated from the social&outside world!
-You can refuse me toilet-usage,such as:perhaps You allow me 1x3minutes/day to make my pee&poo!
-You can control me&my movements with camera(You can control me 100%!)
*(13) As a GUARANTEE,that i am serious about my proposal about 24/7/365 slavery
-i am open,to sign a slave-contract!(even on day 1,at the start!)
-i am open to give You 100%proxies about my finances!(contracted by a lawyer of Your choice!)
-i am open to give You,ALL my personal value-able documents,such as:
*ALL my money
*travelling documents
*personal clothes
*my cell-phone..
**You can exploit me 100%,till i am naked!!!!!!!

So i am very serious about the 24/7/365 lifestyle as a permanent slave!
-i agree with the points:Full Financial slavery/exploitation,sissyfication,humiliation,public humiliation,pimp me out as a whore,etc....

i am open for LIFE LONG TERM slavery!Without free days&hours!!


Last notice,so far...
-i have a profile on collarme:"sissywhore247365"

As You can see in my profile,i am NOT an American citizen,but i am an European!
i am a Belg,from Belgium!
The country from:choclate,beer&potatoes!

i don'tknow,if You have some interest in Owning a permanent 24/7/365 tpe live-in slave,with origins from Belgium in Europe?
-i can play an air-plane from Belgium to the U.S. completely by myself!
 So i will not ask any form of money for travelling/relocation!
-If You are interested in my proposal?Can You help me with the correct travelling-documents?visa?green-card?....(A sort of guidance perhaps?)
- i am open to work outside the home,this to earn money for Your wellness!i am open to give my earned salary/income 100% to Your Family! 100% Ownership to You! Lifelong TERM!Completely!
-i am open to work in prostitution,this to earn tons of money for You!!As a gay-whore,sissywhore,parking-whore,gang-bang whore,escorte-sissy whore,in a brothel,etc...
You can become my PimpMistress&PimpMaster!
-Lifelong Term?yes LifeLong Term! If i will ever ask for money,to return to Belgium>You can refuse&laugh!

So i don't know,if some points in this proposal takes Your interest?

To proof,that i am real,i will attach some pitures from my identity also...

With submissive greetings...

But Seriously people doesn't he look like he would be the perfect slave? I would appsoultly love to use him in all kinds of movies and ways!