It's come to my attention that I need to make a easier way for you worms and piggies to serve and tribute me, not only is this easier for me (which is really all that matters now isn’t it?)but it also is easer for you and offers new and more both quick and more personal ways to tribute me. I also want a way to communicate to all of you little bitches at once so I don't have to repeat myself.

Those of you who pay attention will be rewarded.

So anyway I'm building this site and even though I have never don't anything harder than a myspace page luckily my superior intelligence is working for me quite nicely and I seem to be figuring out everything just fine even if it looks like Greek to me. I suppose with the internet anyone can teach themselves anything at anytime. If anything the only reason things are coming along so slowly is that I have been so busy. I started about a week ago and I hope to have it up and running by the end of the week. I also have been doing other things to get this site going besides just building the site like setting up Niteflirt numbers and tributes and hours online spent adding to my wish lists. After all the work I have put in to this site and to making your job easer I expect lots of tributes and presents! You will show your appreciation my clicking on those tribute buttons on the next page and taking the time to look through all my wish lists and familiarize yourself with all of my wants and desires learn them and know them they are your only job, your reason for breathing in fact! You I deserve so much more than you can give me you can only hope to work hard enough to ad to my quality of life and happiness and nothing makes me happier then knowing all that money in that wallet you hold on to is MINE all MINE, not your wife’s, not your girlfriend’s (if you actually have one of those and if you do you should be borrowing money form them to spend on me) and certainly not yours. It’s my wallet and you only hold on to it so that you can fill it for me. Got it. Not check out that tribute page and start showing your respect and gratitude by sending me money and gifts everyday! I expect to be posting pictures of me and my tributes and exploits very soon.

~Goddess Angel