Goddess Angel is accepting new financial pay pigs, credit card slaves, cash cows and bill paying money slaves. ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES NEED APPLY!! Send email inquiries to:  GoddessAngelTributes@yahoo.com  In subject line put “Financial Benefactor for Goddess Mistress”. 


Contact Goddess Angel By Email

worms may email Me at


Keep in mind you should always Tribute Me BEFORE you contact Me if you want me to respond or even read your letter. To Tribute Me see my Tribute page or send PayPal or e-gift card Tributes to:



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Contact Goddess Angel by Phone



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Be Ignored


Call and I will ignore you and treat you like a bitch, if your lucky you will get to hear Me shopping or talking to my friends, Don’t expect Me to even acknowledge you, just sit there and slip those dollars in to My wallet.


  $.99 per/min


 Get Belittled and Cussed out

You’re a pathetic little bitch and you need to hear it, don’t think for a second that you are any more than at tiny disgusting worm. Call me so I can make sure you know what a little bitch boy you are.


  $1.99 per/min



Forced Intox


Are you a cheep idiot who needs to drink or be forcefully intoxicated in order to give your money away, then you better have the liquor ready, cheap loser. Because if I need to force you to do drink in order to send Me money, I will take you for even more!


  $2.99 per/min





Call and confess to a goddess, you’re a weak and sinful worm and you need to confess and atone for your indiscretions, stupidness and just plain inferiority. Wonder what will your punishment be?


  $2.99 per/min


Small Penis Humiliation


  Do you have a tiny little dick, it is so small women can barely find it let alone feel it? Your minuscule cock is just more proof or what a loser you are! your so pathetic you will never be able to satisfy a woman, you’ll probably never even get near one so you better call Me, it’s the closest your going to come.


$2.99 per/min



  Financial Domination


You’re a PayPig, a Cash Cow, a Money Slave, that’s all your good for and

I deserve all your money, I deserve way more than you even have. This is

your first step in the right direction in your pathetic little life. Now get

your wallet and do exactly what I tell you too.


   $3.99 per/min



Mind Control


 Need a good mind fucking? Call My mind control hotline. your weak feeble little mind is no match for my superior intelligence. I can manipulate your thoughts and plant ideas in your head, make you do things you wouldn’t normally do.


  $4.99 per/min 



Money Slavery


You are My slave, you work for My benefit, you work to make My life easer, your paychecks belong to Me. you will work overtime, take extra jobs, even if you have to get a fucking paper rout you will find a way to give Me more.


  $10.00 per/min




Extreme Financial Domination


  you are My cash cow, My pay pig, you work for my benefit! you will cut back on everything to make My life better. you will take over time hours, odd jobs and do anything you can to make more money for Me. you do not deserve to have anything anyway. you will only spend your money on what I say you can, you will ask My permission before making any purchases. you are My slave and your back accounts, credit cards and wallet are MINE    


 $20.00 per/min


Lose it ALL to ME!


You will give Me every last cent you have, you will mortgage your house, sell your car, eat ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. you will give Me everything I want, Your life’s goal will be to give Me everything on My wish lists and more. you will go broke giving Me everything until you have what you deserve which is nothing at all. Now get your credit cards, bank accounts and pink slips ready.




    On Cam  




Goddess Angel will Control you


What Turns Me On: Power and Control. Money, Big Tits and Large Dicks! Making Stupid men do anything I want.

What Turns Me Off: Idiots. men who have the nerve to think they are worthy of me.

My Expertise: I will make you do anything that pleased me your limites are not my concern. Prepair to be my slave.

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Sensual, Seductive and Sadistic. I am self centered, and my world revolves around Me! I love shopping a lot, and I can always find a place to spend your cash at any time of the day. I enjoy the control I have over many males and females, and use it for my benefit whenever I like.

 *** If you Wish To Discuss Skype or Yahoo Messenger Shows you can either Speak to me about it Durring a NiteFlirt Call, Buy My Yahoo ID Above, or Send Me A Starter Tribute Of $20.00 to AngelControlsu@gmail.com and I will reply with in 48 hours. ***

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