I am intelligent, strong-willed and dominant. I am a truly superior Femdom Goddess. Sensual, seductive and sadistic are also descriptions of me. I love to humiliate, degrade torture, pimp out, and financially enslave subs/slaves/bois/pets. I had my first slave when I was 16 although I didn’t yet know it. An older guy liked me a lot and I did not really feel the same but he kept buying me gifts and offering to do things for me that I very quickly learned how to use him and abuse him for my own amusement and I’ve been using and abusing men ever since. I’ve always known I was better then boys from a very early age even my father was wrapped around my little finger, I knew I could control him and get what ever I wanted out of him. I knew I was smarter, brighter, prettier and just generally better then every man I’ve ever met (and most women for that matter). That’s what had made this life style such a natural and fitting choice. I love to me pampered and have the nicest electronics, I love to shop and go out to clubs. I love horse back riding and amusement parks, I love staying in nice hotels just for the fun of it. But what I love more than going out to the strip club buying expensive bottles of  champagne, getting lap dances in the back is knowing that my little bitch boy piggys are paying for all of it. Knowing that while I’m at the pool about to slide my wet, soft body in my tiny expensive bikini down the water slide my loyal cash cows and obedient slaves are at work [slaving] away to make money for me, While I’m shopping, playing and spending all your money I love knowing your eating ramen noodles kool aid just so that you can give me more of the things I deserve.


I am self centered, and my world revolves around Me! I love shopping a lot, and I can always find a place to spend your cash at any time of the day. In the mall, online and paper catalogs anyway I’m spending your money makes me happy! I insist on getting my way, and I don’t care what the costs are. I get pleasure out of controlling my slaves bank accounts, and credit cards. I love going on vacations that you pay for. I enjoy the control I have over many males and females, and use it for my benefit whenever I like. Teasing someone until they squirm in their frilly little panties makes me grin. Large tributes get me so excited. I love pushing buttons, and expanding horizons. I can’t resist taking advantage of the money slaves that open their wallets to me. I love to laugh at your expense, and be entertained. You are so lucky to have the change to earn for me, to contribute to my lavish lifestyle that I deserve.


My interests are the only thing that should matter to you. Doing things for my enjoyment are what you live to do. I will become your World and your Goddess. I will be your only Mistress and you will live to serve me and cater to every one of my whims. You will learn my likes and dislikes and every bit of information I care to share with you and you will thank me for every detail. My interests include but are not limited to: Financial domination, web cam domination, phone domination, foot worship, body worship, r/t shopping sprees, on line shopping sprees, tease and denials, cbt, feminization, sissification, forced intox, consensual blackmail, physical and verbal humiliation.


I expect to be treated like the Superior Goddess that I am just as I will treat men like the pathetic losers that they are it’s only natural. I enjoy compliant and loyal slaves/bois/Piggys.. I do not have time for idiots, time wasters and cheap f*cks!


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